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Sogniflex is a mattress factory created to meet the diverse needs in your search for the ideal mattress, combining the long experience that distinguishes us, the quality of safe and certified raw materials.


  • Our mission, based on years of experience, is to guide and advise you in the perfect mattress research based on physical characteristics and sleeping habits, which can assure you, night after night, a healthy and comfortable rest.

Sogniflex is a company specialized in handicraft production and direct sale of high-quality mattresses and related products. All products are made with a careful selection of raw materials and following the principles of artisan tradition of this ancient craft. Thanks to this wide range of products, Sogniflex manages to meet the different needs: from the creation of tailor-made products, offering solutions for people with neck problems, bad sleep and motor disability.


We can provide international supplies about all our product, as for Contract Supplies, Hotel & Resort Supplies.


if You are interested about the our products and You need of special supplies, quote and other details, You can send a mail to our Sales Department as for the following mail address:


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